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Real Estate Title and Closing Services

Peterson Title company is one of the most trusted title and closing companies in Dallas. We are a talented team of title and closing professionals who are dedicated to providing the best for our clients. With more than 20 years of experience, we have successfully transferred title ownership for numerous residential as well as commercial properties. We believe that clients deserve transparency, trust, and respect when it comes to closing and this is why they are central to our values.

Our Services


"Thank you for being so wonderful to work with! I truly appreciate your attention to detail, which is fantastic! I look forward to working together again soon!"


Real Estate Agent

Our Services

We provide title search and transfer services for residential and commercial properties.

Title Examination

We have title search expertise with digital as well and non-digital records of properties.


Peterson Title is a popular name when it comes to title transfer for commercial properties in Dallas.


We provide title search and transfer for residential properties in Dallas for 3 counties.


Closing Process at

Peterson Title

Earnest Money Collection

We emphasize on keeping the process digital for you. We make sure that the earnest money is collected from you without you having to deposit it yourself.

Sending out the Contract

We provide all parties with your escrow team’s contact information as well as important contract dates to streamline the process.

Progress Tracking

We send status information on the title to all the parties involved in the transaction.

Title Commitment

We send the title commitment via email to all the parties involved in the transactions along with links for closing documents.

Provide Support

A lot of questions pop up at this stage and we are always ready

Final Steps

We make sure that all the documents and other articles are collected to facilitate and complete the closing process.

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